Gold Shield Protection

  • 2 routine precision tune-ups, safety inspection, and cleaning
  • 50% off diagnostic charge
  • 20% off parts and labor
  • No overtime charges
  • 24/7 priority service


silver Shield protection

  • 1 Annual precision tune-up, safety inspection, and cleaning
  • 25% off Diagnostic Charge
  • 10% of labor and parts
  • 24/7 priority service


Precision Tune-up

During each tune-up, MCS technicians will:

  • Clean and check the Furnace and/or A/C equipment.
  • Preform 13-point inspection on each piece of equipment
  • Monitor mechanical components for wear.
  • Identify minor issues before they become major problems.



Will a tune-up save me money?

Yes, the efficiency of your air conditioning and/or furnace unit can be affected by dirty components. Incorrect refrigerant pressures and dirty filters contribute to higher utility bills . Both can be identified and fixed during an annual tune up.

can you tune-up a water heater?

Water heater maintenance is minimal, thermocouples can be cleaned or replaced and tanks can be annually drained.

water heater

Precision Tune-up sale

SAVE $30 on a precision tune up.

Offer expires 5/21/21